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the playstation can produce mind-boggling effects.

Dude this game is sick as shit!

I fucking LOVE the graphics and how everything looks, but the boss is a little bit dark tbh.
But very good game non the less :)

thank you so much!


It says "run this bad boy". Lol


I shall run this bad boy.

Wow. Just wow. 


Played it at MagFest 2022! Love it!

This game is pretty neat, I've only played it for a little bit, but I like the concept, its really good. I'm excited to see more updates within this game.


i love this game




Thanks 🙏 


damn that boss is hard. super cool aesthetic and very punchy. needs some optimization. some stutter here and there.

thanks for the kind words. were you playing the download version or in the browser?




Very fun, I found away to fall through the map lol


oooooo loved the music in this game, good job!


run this bad boi


any chance this will come out on MacOS?

yea, steam version for sure will, i'll try to make a macos native build before then though


laggy. gud game th


My eyes hurt, my brain melts. Amazing game!



game dont load on html version ;-;

sorry bud, try download version?


Don't do drugs kids, ESPECIALLY the really good ones...

Wow! Very entertaining video and thank you for the very kind words! You were on the right track with the strafing... if you're closer to the boss you'll have an easier time getting behind its attacks. ;) ;) ;)


Ooooo I may have to try again then. ;{)

(And I agree. Dead drug best drug)

the only good drug is a dead drug

I accidentally downloaded the original version, Sorry.

No problem, alt+enter should make both versions full screen.


wow thanks, i'll know for future 


It's really fun but how do you make it fullscreen?

Alt+Enter :)


dude, this is sick but i have no idea how to defeat the boss haha

Shoot the eyes and keep moving ;)

It’s tough but I believe in you



wowy zowy!


hey, webgl is crashing here, it says to alocate more memory on the engine settings. Downloaded it and its great though!

yeah, i think i pushed webgl too hard, i'll fiddle with the engine settings and see what i can do. thanks!




How much bass are you packin bud?



How do you put the game in full screen?

plz reply i want to know how

download version? alt+enter should do it




it worked. Thank you

Really cool how'd you make the button different text



Thanks! On the edit game page there's a field called "Custom noun"


The game was great, the green background was a crazy choice for my taste but the game runs well and does a great job at keeping the interest with the maze like levels and awesome weapons! 


Such a cool Aesthetic and so impressive for a 3 hour time frame. Really enjoyed this game! 

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Very cool game for 3 hours. Could I ask what shader/method you used to get the pixel art style?

thanks! I used this to help achieve the game’s visuals:

If only there was a linux build.

(1 edit)

I'll make a linux build, but I won't be able to test it.


Holy shit thatw as so cool. I love the aesthetic of this. The 3D Gameboy look with eerie old London cobblestone is perfectly suited for a feature game. If this was expanded on even just a little bit I could see this being a hot seller on steam!