Created for "Mini Jam 53: Oasis" in ~72 hours.

Fate is truly cruel. Survive the desert and return home.


WASD / Arrows: Move
Z / Space: Jump, Bash
X: Skip Cutscene


Programming and Design by Billy Monks

Low Poly 3D Models by Quaternius

Ending Theme "Razed Town"
by Armon Pakdel

"Desert Ambient LOOP" by Imjeax

"Splash" sfx by swordofkings128

"Bite (Cartoon Style)" sfx by josepharaoh99

"Fire_Forest_Inferno" sfx by Dynamicell


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Nice staging and cameras, I loved the little dragon.Maybe some gameplay mecanics to make it more fun could be add. But well done :D

I did not really understand the general goal here. a bit confused... but i like that you maneged to make a 3D game over a weekend