A downloadable wild ride for Windows

Enter the world of Heck City, 20XX. As a delivery goblin, you'll dash through the city and surrounding wastelands, delivering food to the diverse inhabitants of the world. Blood powers technology and demons walk the earth, yet your hustle is eternal.

Surviving in Heck City will take quick wits and a strong work ethic. Will you rise to the top of the food chain, or will the city claim your soul too? 

Keyboard + Mouse

  • W - accelerate
  • S - reverse
  • A, D - steer
  • Space or Mouse Buttons - jump
  • Shift - turbo (requires blood)
  • C - change the camera


  • R2 - accelerate
  • L2 - reverse
  • Left Stick - steer
  • Cross - jump
  • Square - turbo (requires blood)
  • Triangle - change the camera


  • the longer you hold your turbo, the faster you will go
  • you can rotate the camera with the mouse or right stick
  • turbo, catch air, and drift to extend your combo timer

Please wishlist Heck City Delivery on Steam! Available Q4 2023!


hcd_demo.zip 643 MB

Install instructions

1. Extract `hcd_demo` folder from `hcd_demo.zip`.
2. Navigate to your extracted `hcd_demo` folder, and double-click `Heck City Delivery.exe` within.


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this is rad! I especially liked using the jump to create shortcuts. Wishlisted!

Thank you so much Ben!!!

cool game