Unexpected Expansion!

Yoooooooo! I've been hard at work on building Bad Trip into the biggest, baddest and most intense game it can be. Thank you so much to everyone who's played the initial 3 hour jam submission!

Initially I wasn't going to update the game until Halloween, but Sue (the dairydog herself) demanded that the update be dropped, so here I am.

So what's changed?

1. Procedurally generated dungeons. 

The game been upgraded with procedurally generated dungeons. To open the gate to the next area you must collect the skulls of your enemies.

BANG BANG BANG ahahah ded ded ded ded 

2. More weapons. 

For no longer are you shackled by a lone infinite-ammo uzi. Now your uzi has a twin, and you've got a shotgun too! In future builds you'll have to purchase these upgrades, but Sue requested I "give a dog a bone."

On reflection I believe she was being literal.

enjoy your shotgun

3. Pizza time!

fav topping?

So what's coming in the future?

Nightmare fuel bosses, more weapons, better level generation with verticality and variety, shops, perks, and fun/interesting NPCs. I aim to deliver the ultimate HARDCORE GAMER APOCALYPSE experience. Take that as you will.


If you want to stay up to date and get exclusive free access to beta builds of the upcoming retail release, please join the discord!


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Sep 22, 2020
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Sep 22, 2020

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